13 things you’ll hear in Sheffield that might confuse an alien

By Alana Roberts

hendos slang

1. Snap

What it normally means – to break something abruptly with a sharp movement.

What it means in ‘Sheffieldish’ – Food i.e “hand us that hendos ont’able for me snap.”

2. Tea

What it normally means – A hot drink drank about 100 times a day by british people.

What it means in ‘Sheffieldish’ – The evening meal i.e “Oi love what’s for tea?”

which brings us on to… 

3. Dinner

What it normally means – Your evening meal.

What it means in ‘Sheffieldish’ – Your midday meal i.e “Get me dinner on I’m starving.”

4. Spice

What it normally means -A dry powder used in cooking to make your food taste better.

What it means in ‘Sheffieldish’ – Sweets i.e “Can I have some spice after me tea?”

5.  While 

What it normally means – A length of time.

What it means in ‘Sheffieldish’ – Until i.e “I’m working 12 while 9 tonight.”

6. Coals

What it normally means – The things you use to light a fire.

What it means in ‘Sheffieldish’ – The place that is now John Lewis i.e “I need t’go to Coles for the fabrics I need.”

7. Giuzit

What it normally means – Absolute gibberish which many may not understand.

What it means it ‘Sheffieldish’ – Give me it i.e “Guizit I need it for me tea.”

8. Our 

What it normally means – To have our possess something.

What it means in ‘Sheffieldish’ – My family member i.e “Our Donna was on’t moor today.”

9. Duck

What it normally means – A bird that floats and lives on the water.

What it means in ‘Sheffieldish’ – A term of endearment, commonly heard on the bus or shouted from a far i.e “How are thee today duck?”

10. Owls

What it normally means – Nocturnal birds of prey which are a hoot.

What it means in ‘Sheffieldish’ – Sheffield Wednesday i.e “Na then, is thee going to see the Owls this weekend?”

11. Blades 

What it normally means – Sharp, often very pointy things found on ice skates, or a knife.

What it means in ‘Sheffieldish’ – Sheffield United i.e “I’ll see thee at the Blades game t’morrow.”

12. Dee-Dar

What it normally means – A noise a child normally makes for a police siren.

What it means in ‘Sheffieldish’ – A born and bred Sheffielder i.e “Dave is a reet Dee-Dar.”

13. Proper

What it normally means – Something that is appropriate or used for some purpose.

What it means in ‘Sheffieldish’ – Very i.e “I proper love hendos.”