Tom: “Luck was on my side, it should have been instant death.”

By Alana Roberts


Tom D’Angeli was hit by a car when he was just 13 years old. It left his life hanging in the balance. It made the 21-year-old from Beighton change his life completely.

He says he was in the wrong crowd, involved with the police.

“We were knocking a ball around on the road and it was just wrong place and wrong time.”

The driver was a car salesman with potential customers in the back, speeding down the road at 50 miles per hour when he hit Tom sending him flying into the air.

“He caught me as I was a metre or so from the curb and I was thrown a good few feet into the air. It should have been more or less instant death,” he says.

The driver ended up getting 12 points, therefore losing his licence and ultimately losing his job thanks to a court case

Tom then faced life threatening injuries.

“I had a brain bleed”

“To this day they still don’t know whether it cleared up on it’s own or whether it left any damage,” he says, “but thankfully it doesn’t seem have done too much.”

The scar, a small reminder of his fractured arm

toms injuries

“I had an argument with Steve, my mum’s boyfriend, in the morning that day. It makes you realise you should get on with things, because you just don’t know.”

Because of the accident Tom was unable to play his beloved football, instead getting into coaching which he says changed his life for the better.

“It actually kicked me up the backside. I changed everything, who I knocked around with, my attitude towards things, people, parents.. it changed my attitude towards life.”

Tom coaching
Tom coaching children. (Image courtesy of Tom himself)

Tom says he was unhelpful before, but has completely changed now when he coaches children in football.

But, he doesn’t see the accident as a bad thing.

“It saved me from going down the wrong path big time, if not I probably wouldn’t be here now.”







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