David: “I lost 100lbs through my own hypnosis.”

By Chanell Wallace

Therapist, David Kneeshaw, from Crookes, used his own knowledge of hypnotism to lose weight by listening to a recording of his own voice using hypnotism therapy.

This therapy made him feel full when he ate resulting in 100lb weight loss.

He also uses his skills to help people all over the world who are dealing with mental health conditions and addiction.


“When I go out for meals with my friends I pick off their plate because I hate waste.”

David, 45, began his career in hypnotherapy after going from working as a teacher, to working with victims of the Rotherham scandal and working in a rehab.

After funding his own learning of hypnosis, David became a hypnotherapist working with clients from the USA, Australia, China, Europe and the UK from the comfort of his home.

He has worked with all sorts of people such as Footballers, actors and doctors.

He said, “I work all over the world but only from here, I don’t leave this space. I work on skype and physically here.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 19.39.41

David described Hypnosis as a talking therapy which is different from a normal therapy because he personalises it for each individual.

Talking hypnosis can be brought on tapes and CD’s however; David spends hours crafting individual talking therapies to each client.

David said, “I’m not a guru and I can’t fix people, what I tell my clients is that ‘you’re not broken, you’ve got an operating system that doesn’t work as well as you want it to’ they manage their feelings by whatever they do that’s destructive i.e. self-harming.”

David also explained how his methods work with people that have had heroin addiction and eating disorders. He said “It’s possible for me to put a block in so that someone doesn’t like something.”


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