Tom: “I’m Fagan’s third landlord in 100 years”

By Charlotte Wilson


Tom Boulding, 65, has been the landlord at the Irish pub, Fagan’s for a staggering 30 years and he is expected a busy turnout for this coming St. Patrick’s Day,

“It’s always fun,” Tom says. “we get a range of people coming, some travelling a long way just to come to Fagan’s on Paddy’s day, it will be packed from opening to closing.”

Tom and his wife Barbara, took over the pub from former landlord, and the late WW2 veteran, Joe Fagan in 1985.

inside Fagans
Numerous pieces of memorabilia fill the walls including paintings of the WW2 planes that Joe Fagan used to fly.


The pub got its Irish tradition from the Irish immigrants that moved across the road from Fagan’s, then known as The Barrel, in the 1800s due to the potato famine and Tom says that the pub has stuck to its traditional roots,

“We don’t have amps or speakers, we have live music. There’s no TV and there is no card reader, we do cash only. The pub has hardly changed at all, and that is deliberate.”

The small sized pub has changed little in the last 50 years, and memorabilia is displayed all over the walls,

“We also used to have an annual Christmas card made and some of them made it onto the walls.

Christmas card
“If you look closely, you will find the three wise men going for a Guinness.”


“All in all, we are a traditional Irish pub and I’m very proud of that, you don’t get many pubs like ours anymore and particularly not in Sheffield.”

The room in the back is full of photographs from famous people who have visited or played at the pub.

Tom says that one of the great things about Fagan’s is that famous people come to the pub and don’t get pestered.

Tom will be celebrating his 66th birthday the day after St. Patrick’s day.


“I call Fagan’s the working man’s parliament. You get pathologists talking to bin men talking to lecturers, everyone is on equal terms here. Some may leave in fancy cars and others might catch the bus home, but while they’re in the pub, everyone can talk to anyone.


outside Fagans
“The snog” by Pete McKee features on the outside wall of Fagan’s.

“I was once told, ‘Tom, you only get nice people in here’ I said that’s because I chuck any of the bad ones out!”



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