Danny: “They call me the Pavement Poet.”


By Chanell Wallace

Danny Rowland has a very unique talent which expresses it on the pavements of the UK.

Danny, 30, originally from Swindon, travels around the country chalking his talents in poetry on pavements.

The poet who has a big fan base in Sheffield said, “I receive a very positive response in Sheffield. I even had the city centre resource manager asked me if I can make it permanent.”


Danny at work in Sheffield city centre.

“It explains perfectly what I do, poetry on pavements.”

Being the pavement poet for two years, Danny and travelling for four years he believes poetry has been dying a slow death as only a certain type of person may read poetry.

Danny 2


He said “The moment you put it in a public space every Tom, Dick and Harry is not only reading it, they’re enjoying it and these are people who have not typically read poetry.”

To follow Danny’s poetry and see where he’ll be chalking next, follow him on Facebook at ‘The Pavement Poet’




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