Nick: “One morning, I woke up knowing God.”

By Lucy Wilson


Mount Tabor, Methodist Church

Former community worker and Fifa gamer Nick talks about the moment he welcomed God back into his life.

Nick John Waterfield from Hillsborough, preaches at Mount Tabor, a Methodist Church on Wordsworth Avenue, and has done so for the past six years.

Attending a Methodist Sunday school, Nick was brought up as a Christian but once he reached 18-years-old, he declared himself as an Athiest. “I didn’t believe in God at all,” he says, “I didn’t believe again until I was about 42.”

When Nick was 42, he had a spiritual experience which rekindled his faith. “It got to the stage where I felt that something was missing in life,” he says. “Some may say that I was going through a mid-life crisis, but it was more than that.”

When Nick woke up one morning, he discovered that he knew God. “It makes me sound like a nut-case, but that’s what happened,” he says. “I didn’t necessarily know if he [God] was out there, but I needed to know.”


Nick understands why some people struggle with the concept of God in a world full of evil.

“Amongst all the bad stuff, it’s about focusing on the good and trying to build on compassion, love and forgiveness.”

Recently, whilst Nick was preaching about food banks at an event called ‘Church Action Poverty Sunday,’ an elderly woman told him that his preaching had moved her. He later discovered that it was the anniversary of her husband’s death – a man who used to be an ordained minister. “It was as if she could see him behind me, cheering me on,” he says.

During his spare time, Nick who’s now 54, enjoys playing on PlayStation 4 games and other computer games with his son. He says, “I’m quite into Fallout 4 at the moment.”

So, his quest? – “I want to be able to share the passion I have for the Kingdom of God that Jesus talks about and to challenge people to welcome that into their own lives,” he says.

As well as Mount Tabor, the grandfather of three and foster parent of two preaches at Methodist Churches in Wisewood, Hillsborough, Parson Cross and Firth Park.


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