Jim: “I used to paint walls but now I paint skin.”

By Charlotte Wilson

Jim Hardman, 46, decided to turn his passion for graffiti into becoming a tattoo artist.

From Greenhill, Jim grew up around graffiti and was once commissioned to create a design for the shutters of Fiona Long’s tattoo studio, Feline Tattoo.

After that, Jim got the bug for art but changed his passion from graffiti to tattooing.

“Graffiti taught me street sense and respect. It made me look at all types of art. At first, I thought graffiti was the pinnacle of art but I am not the type of person who can maintain the illegal lifestyle.”

Jim putting the final touches on a sketch before tattooing a Sheffield client.

Once Jim had completed his apprenticeship, he went on to tattoo in a tattooing studio in Sheffield.

“That’s when I found out how hard it is to get into tattooing. It’s dog eat dog and when working in a shop, it’s about business, and I’ve not got a business mind. For me, the art comes first.”

Jim believes that getting a tattoo can say a lot of positives about a someone’s personality.


“It shows strength, commitment and a good strong character.”

Jim decided to open a private tattoo studio in his home in Greenhill and said the clientèle he created while working in the shop has followed him to his home and grown as a result.

Jim’s tattoo studio is fitted with a flat screen TV to keep clients entertained while their tattoo is in progress.

“You never know who you are going to meet. You get to tattoo people from all walks of life, from firemen to coppers and I’ve even tattooed a Yorkshire rose onto an 82-year-old man, it’s great,” Jim says.

“There’s not many jobs where you can meet such a variety of people and tattoos are becoming less taboo now so it’s even better for that reason.”



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