Jonathon: “Young people want someone to invest in them, someone to believe in them…”

By Chanell Wallace

Jonathon Buckley, 31, is a youth worker for the YMCA in Sheffield and Rotherham. He helps young people from areas such as Parsons Cross by building relationships with them, empowering them to reach potential.

20160324_141431 (1)

“They want to come somewhere safe and someone to believe in them.”

He helps people work with many issues including alcohol and drugs problems at school. The YMCA offer youth groups, training courses and 2-hour workshops.

He says, “Young people want someone to invest in them, someone to believe in them and that’s what we are doing, they could become some of the youth workers of the future.”

After Easter, the YMCA will be doing a unique course looking at issues involving sex, self-esteem, friendships and alcohol, helping them to engage in them issues in a healthy way and helping them with the difficult situations in their life.

Jonathon says, “It’s been challenging I almost gave up on youth work because it’s so hard, one experience were playing pool and the group started throwing pool balls at each other.”

During his time working at the YMCA, John received help to better his studies. “I would love to give back to The YMCA because they helped me, they paid for my studies throughout my degree, they love to help people better themselves.”


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