Glyn: “In a strange way you’re nervous and you want it to be over quick but at the same time you want it to last forever.”

By Josh Reany

Glyn Rhodes, 56, a former lightweight boxer from Attercliffe, has been lucky enough to fight in countries all over the world.

In a career full of achievements, his favourite was receiving an MBE for work with young people and boxing at Buckingham Palace.

“Even now looking back it still feels like a dream.”

“I remember on the day that I got the MBE I walked in and turned around and looked at all the people looking through the railings. I’ve been there and here I am walking into Buckingham palace.”

“It’s the highlight of my whole life there’s nothing that can compare for me.”

Boxing career

glynGlyn had 65 professional fights which took him to countries like Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland and was even on the under card for the iconic bout between Chris Eubank and Michael Watson at White Hart Lane.

“I think there was something like 20,000 people there – boxing on that kind of bill was a good experience.”

“I’ve been to places I’d never have gone if I’d have just stayed in the job I was doing.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 15.04.10.png

Chris Eubank vs Micheal Watson – White Hart Lane 1991


Glyn retired in 1993 and admits for him, like a lot of boxers, it was difficult to move on.

“Boxers find it hard because you’ve been doing something for so long and you’ve had some structure in your life and then all of a sudden it stops and it ends.”

“I do feel for a lot of boxers because a lot of them can’t move on – they can’t do anything else.”

gymmmDespite this, he set up his own boxing gym up in 1994 and has had huge successes as a boxing trainer.

He and his team have also managed to raise £350,000 for charity.

“Luckily enough I’ve been fortunate to have trained some good kid’s.”

“I’ve been involved with British, European, commonwealth, and even world title fights.”

“Hopefully, one of them turns into the diamond you’re always looking for as a boxing trainer.”

“If I can keep doing that and keep having the lifestyle I have now I’ll die a happy man.”gymmmm




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