Bobby: “I am prepared to go to prison if it means I can see my kids.”

By Chanell Wallace

Bobby Smith, 34, from Hertfordshire, is known in Sheffield for his attempt to protest up the Star Flyer Carousel ride dressed as Elmo in the town centre.


He began campaigning after he could no longer see his children in 2010. He says, “After 3 half years in court I realised I wasn’t gonna get my children back through family court.”

Bobby is an activist for New Fathers 4 Justice, a group that campaigns towards trying to change the law regarding separation and the rights fathers are given to see their children.

He is running as a candidate in the Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough by-election to promote his campaign as he believed he gets a bigger response in bigger cities.

He has protested in front of MP’s houses such as David Cameron and Nick Clegg and has protested on the roof of Buckingham palace.


He says, “Once I stopped seeing my children I researched the most effective ways that groups have gone about things such as this in the past and its causing disruption to the government to raise awareness.”

He was recently given 100 hours community service after he protested on the roof of Stevenage police station.


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