Amy: “I have a hole in my heart and I’m doing Tough Mudder.”

By Charlotte Wilson

Amy Voyse, 21, is competing in this year’s Tough Mudder competition in just three weeks’ time.

The optical assistant, originally from Hackenthorpe, says she is doing the competition, held in Grantham, to prove to herself that she can.

“My hair dresser did it last year and then I got inspired to do it. It’s a 10-mile course and it’s going to be really tricky but I’m more excited for it than I am nervous.”

Tough Mudder is an outdoor obstacle course designed by the British Special Forces that puts its competitors through the muddy works including jumping into mud pits in a ‘walk the plank’ style, crawling under and running through electric cables in mud pits and climbing over huge obstacles with the help of team mates.

Amy has been going to the gym for over a year and has been doing intense training for the last three weeks.

“I try to eat good and I work out at the gym around four or five times a week. I do spinning twice a week, and see my personal trainer twice a week.

“Once you start working out I think you get the hype for it and then you see improvements in how you look and it’s hard to stop after that.”


Amy, who was born with a hole in her heart, says the build-up to the event has been great.

“It’s quite exciting just getting stronger and preparing for it. I have a hole in my heart so I’ve never really been super fit or active, so I’m just looking forward to completing it and saying that I’ve done it.”

Although mostly exciting, Amy says that there are certain elements of the muddy course that she is not as excited about.

“There’s going to be electric shocks and I’m not really looking forward to that. The best way to get through that part is just to do it as fast as you can. So that will probably be the tactic that I’ll be using.”

“I’m also a bit nervous about jumping into the muddy water from a height, I’ll definitely be plugging my nose!”

Tough Mudder competitions happen all over the world and to find out how to apply, click here.

Anybody with a heart condition who is considering taking part in Tough Mudder should seek medical advice before taking part.

Images courtesy of Amy Voyse.


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