Sarah: “I highlined over Sheffield city centre!”

By Chanell Wallace

Sarah Rixham, 25, from Meersbrook is known as a world record holding highliner who highlined over Sheffield city centre.


Her journey began slacklining in the botanical gardens with her sixth form, to highlining 200m from the ground off cliffs in France.

She says, “Yeah it is scary, but if you know how to set up a highline properly you have nothing to worry about.”

On a trip to Switzerland last September, She was filmed walking the longest length a female highliner has ever walked, and this video was sent to the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival.

She says, “After sending the video I asked if I could highline in Sheffield during the festival and they were really keen.”

Whilst doing a PHD in Microbiology in York she says she wants to keep highlining and showing people how they can do it.

She says, “It’s worth it going to high places and seeing beautiful views.”

To see a video of Sarah practicing her highlining click the link below.

Youtube: Sarah highlining in Sheffield


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