Hazel: “I’m scared to go to bed on my own.”

By Tom Wood

Hazel Crampton who once enjoyed picking strawberries in Wisbech, fears sleeping alone after she was burgled two years ago.

The 75-year-old was attacked by a young man who stole Hazel’s belongings and trashed her bungalow where she lives with her two cats.

“He broke into my house and attacked me,” says Hazel. “It’s scary, I don’t like going to bed on my own anymore.”

Every Tuesday, Hazel attends the Age UK Health and Wellbeing Centre in Norfolk Park. They offer support to people who suffer with Dementia or memory loss.

“I’m sitting here now (The Wellbeing Centre) and I’m thinking, what about if I go home to a messy house?”

“It’s lovely picking strawberries,  It’s something I always like to remember.”

Hazel has been married twice but her previous husband passed away four years after getting married.

“I don’t blame myself for living on my own, it’s only me and my cats and we enjoy ourselves,” says Hazel.

Strawberry Picking

In Hazel’s first marriage, she moved to Wisbech in Cambridgeshire and she likes to look back at her time strawberry picking with her son and daughter.

“My daughter used to go out in a pink frock and she would come back covered in strawberry juice,” says Hazel. “It was her father’s fault, she used to get all messy and I would have to scrub her dress.”

Hazel Crampton
“It’s lovely picking strawberries, it’s something I always like to remember.”

The love of picking strawberries started when Hazel  was growing up in Sheffield.

“My mum used to tell us to go out and get some strawberries in Norfolk Park. We would wrap up in hats and scarves and get back just before tea.”





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