Shirley: “We won’t be the one of the greenest cities for much longer.”

By Tom Brookes

Shirley Mcintyre, 62, has started a petition in hope to stop the building of 2000 homes on her door step.

The gardening enthusiast has lived on Orgreave Lane, Handsworth, for the past ten years and this will be the second major building site to surround Shirley’s house.

“If I walk down the road all I see is building sites, now they want to do the same to the field opposite my house.”

Just over two years ago construction of around 4000 houses began at the bottom of her road as part of the Waverley Project, which is still being developed.

But this new planning development is set to be constructed exactly opposite her home.

Shirley and her garden.


This greenbelt land that covers the majority of Handsworth has always been used for growing crops. But Shirley frequently uses the fields for her walking trips and it was one of the main reasons she purchased the house in the first place.

“I love the view from my window its beautiful. It’s all greenbelt land too.” She said. “I never thought anyone would want to destroy all that green.”

The land is set to become a construction site for houses, unless Shirley’s petition can generate 5000 signatures.

She has managed to accumulate nearly 250 signatures in the past couple of months, but Shirley’s mission won’t end until she’s reached her target or knocked on every door in Handsworth.

Once Shirley’s managed to get the petition online, she hopes the amount of signatures she gets will actually make a difference.


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